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JUNE 2-3, 2018

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Join us for a ride in the rolling hills of southeast Ohio. Saturdays rides start at Duncan Falls, just southeast of Zanesville, Ohio. This ride follows the scenic Muskingum River on traveled roads. There are several ride options.  Spend the night in Marietta Saturday and return to Duncan Falls on Sunday or choose one of the Saturday or Sunday one day rides.

Highlights of the ride include:

On the classic two-day ride, cyclists will travel approximately 68 miles each day, with alternate routes available for those who want less challenging hills. We'll shuttle baggage to Marietta on Saturday and back to Duncan Falls on Sunday. Treat yourself to snacks at the first rest stop in Malta where riders can choose to tackle challenging hills on the west side of the Muskingum river or travel a flatter route to avoid some of the steep hills. The second stop is in Stockport. Cyclist then travel to Beverly for lunch where riders can choose between two routes. Enjoy the beautiful country side through the rolling hills or travel a flat course along route 60 to Lowell for another rest stop stocked with more snacks. Cyclists will then travel to Marietta where they'll be treated to fresh strawberries and ice cream at Marietta College. Cyclists will be on their own for dinner in Marietta. While in Marietta, cyclists will enjoy a boat ride on the Valley Gem Sternwheeler. On Sunday, there will be a continental breakfast at Marietta College before returning to Duncan Falls. When cyclists have route options, signs will be posted for Ride A (easier route) and Ride B (more challenging). 
Saturday only – Duncan Falls/Malta/Duncan Falls approximately 38 miles.


Saturday only - Duncan Falls/Stockport/Duncan Falls approximately 57 miles


Saturday only – Duncan Falls/Beverly/Duncan Falls approximately 90 miles. 
Saturday only – Duncan Falls/Marietta approximately 68 miles.  There is no transportation provided back to Duncan Falls.  The boat ride is not included with this ride option, but can be purchased separately. 
Sunday only - Marietta/Duncan Falls approximately 68 miles.  There is no transportation provided back to Marietta.


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